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her beloved mom, diane abramson died yesterday at home after a long illness. she was just 74. she was a talented musician, devoted church-goer and faithful viewer of this show, survived by her mother, her husband, three daughters and her seven grandchildren. diane abrahamson will be much missed by everyone who knew her and our sincere sympathies to her family and many friends. "ac 360" and anderson cooper is next. anderson? hello, everyone. i'm cnn meteorologist karen mcginnis, we're bringing you the latest information regarding hurricane earl, both at the top and the bottom of every hour. want to update you regarding the latest. this is a category 2 hurricane. from the national hurricane center, we will be receiving another update in approximately one hour. but i'll be back in about 30 minutes just to update you on what's happening. it is now category 2, as i
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mentioned, we'll be getting another update in an hour. we've had reports of tropical storm force winds on some of these outer banks regions of north carolina. mostly what we've seen are wind gusts approximately 50 to around 70 miles an hour. still, a huge system that is battering the coast. now, the residents of north carolina have not seen a hurricane lash the coast in several years. the last couple years we've seen tropical storms that have affected the coastline of north carolina, but what we're looking at as it makes its way toward the north and northeast, moving fairly rapidly toward cooler water, it looks like within the next 24 hours or so, this is barely going to be at hurricane intensity. until then, a very dangerous storm. we'll keep you updated. "a krch larry, thank you very much. thanks for joining us, everyone. breaking news if you live from the carolinas to cape cod, stay up with us, the first big
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hurricane in years to threaten the east coast is getting ready to batter it. there it is, hurricane earl, somewhat weaker than it was last night but strong enough to do some damage and close enough to be felt on the outer banks of north carolina. you can see by the surf, 12 feet and rising, according to local reports. the area already under evacuation orders. local station wact reporting that authorities are using a reverse 911 system, calling local homes, warning anyone who answers to leave. covering it all for us, chad myers tracking the storm, rob marciano in kill devil hills, north carolina, and also tonight on cape cod where the storm is expected tomorrow, susan candiotti. a lot of plans for this labor day weekend could be upset. let's first go to chad myers. chad, where is it, how bad is it? >> it is off the coast of north carolina. it would be almost due east of what we would call morehead city or just a little to the south of there. it is traveling up toward the north. a little bit east of due north. rob marciano will be right there. susan candiotti, a little bit
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off the top of the screen. good news is, anderson, last night it was going this way. it did turn. finally, it made the expected turn that took so very long. had it waited another five, six, seven hours, literally, we would be talking about a landfall right now. it would not have turned soon enough and it would be landfalling here on cape hatteras or ocracoke. it looks like it will be far enough to the east that we're going to have onshore flow all night long. we might even have water washing over those barrier islands because those waves will be so very strong. and then the storm moves up toward -- at least it's going to try to get to cape cod. it probably isn't going to make it as what we have now, a category 2 storm. it will lose steam because the water gets colder. earlier today, it was a category 3. now down to 110 miles per hour, turning away from new york city, turning away from washington, d.c., from richmond, from virginia beach. but there will be damage along the north carolina outer banks. there may even be some damage in
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new england and we'll, obviously, see some of that as the days go on. anderson? >> we want to check back in with you. i do want to go to kill devil hills, which sits on a very thin strip of land with water on both sides, on one side, hurricane earl. rob, you're the closest to the storm. what do you expect tonight? what are people there doing? >> reporter: well, a lot of people have gotten out of here. evacuation orders went out, especially south of here, where it's a little bit thinner, as chad mentioned, an overwashing of the highways there a distinct possibility. in 2003 when hurricane isabel came through, it cut a whole new patch right through the road. it took them weeks to rebuild that. they don't want to cut people off from society. what happened today was really a slow ramp up to what we see now, almost tropical storm strength gusts. that is about it. the rain is now starting to come down. as chad probably mentioned, the center of this storm is probably about 100 miles, maybe less than
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that due south of us. we will be abreast of where i'm standing, 50, 60 miles offshore, 2:00 am, 3:00 am, we expect the brunt of the wind. we'll get backside wind as this thing rolls up the east coast. waves will be big issue. 26-foot waves, they'll be rolling in, high tide will be rolling in around the peak of the storm. over-washing conditions, roads being cut off is the main concern, not so much the wind. this thing is just far enough offshore to where the winds shouldn't be too much of a factor. until it passes us and continues on its march toward new england, folks here certainly are not going to relax all too much tonight. >> mandatory evacuations. but, as we all know, no one is actually forced to do it. have most folks in the area you're in left? >> reporter: i wouldn't say most, but a fair amount. the visitors certainly have. we saw visitors, tourists pack up and leave. you know, that's hit them pretty hard. this is the last week of summer. we've got labor day this weekend.
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so, to be kicking out your bread and butter early is not what these hotel folks and restaurateurs want to be doing. they're taking it on the chin on the outer banks, especially as far as the tourism business is concerned. the rip currents will be another issue. we had them last weekend. even when the storm passes and gets out of here, rip currents will be an issue almost right through the weekend. so, even if people do come here this weekend, swimming is going to be a little bit dicey. anderson? >> rob, we'll check back in with you. as chad myers said, the hurricane has turned north, making its way toward northeastern massachusetts by tomorrow night. susan candiotti joins us now. what are authorities there doing to get ready? a lot of ferry service all along the east coast has been canceled or is about to be canceled. >> reporter: that's right. some of the ferries are still going to be running tomorrow, but a lot of them have taken safe harbor. authorities, that's the governor working closely with fema, are prepositioning a lot of supplies, including meals and water and tarps and generators.
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they've prepositioned utility crews as far away as michigan and ohio just to be on the ready. >> what are they expecting? how big an impact on the businesses is expected? >> reporter: you know, just like in the carolinas, tourism is a big mainstay here. in fact, the chamber of commerce tells us they're going to take a monstrous hit. some of the hotels are only operating at 40% capacity because so many tourists have left. emergency planners are saying good thing, we don't want people to take chances. a lot of residents here are staying put. >> we'll continue to track earl throughout the hour and the night. you can talk about it with other viewers at 360 online. the live chat is up and running at coming up, another well goes up in flames in the gulf of mexico. have you seen the pictures of this so far? we'll tell you about safety problems, the company that runs it, what this is doing to people down in the gulf with the bp disaster playing out. we also learn some new information about how much bp
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has spent on commercials. remember earlier this summer we heard the $50 million figure? it is way higher than that. we'll tell you. you never will guess how much they've spent since the spill on self-promotion. next tonight, the congresswoman at the center of the scholarship scandal, democrat from dallas said she didn't know about the rules against giving donated money to her grandkids and grandnephews and the children of one of her staffers. we're keeping them honest tonight. we talked to her earlier. >> i know you want to make a scandal out of this, but i can't help you. all i do is tell you the truth. >> well i think you've done enough in terms of making it a scandal. i was short of breath,
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have low blood calcium, kidney problems. or you're pregnant, plan to become pregnant or nursing. take calcium and vitamin d daily. tell your doctor if you develop severe muscle, bone or joint pain, of if you have dental problems, as rarely jaw problems have been reported. the most common side effects include flu like symptoms, fever, muscle or joint pain and headache. nothing strenghtens you like an old friendship. but when it comes to our bones, we both look to reclast. you've gotta ask your doctor or call 866-51-reclast. year-long protection for on-the-go women. in a moment, we're going to talk to dallas congresswoman eddie bernice johnson, embroiled
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in a scandal over scholarships that she awarded to her own family members. and this week, said she repaid $31,000 to the congressional black caucus foundation. i want to recap how this all came to be in case you're unfamiliar with the story. we started reporting on this before representative johnson was speaking. according to the dallas morning news, she gave out 23 scholarships over five years to her relatives, two to grandchildren and great-grandchildren and also children of a top staffer. she didn't do this once, by the way, she did this several years in a row. that's more than a third of all the scholarships that she awarded during that period. >> let me put it this way. this story has generated more readership than any story i've ever written and posted on our website and we have gotten hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of comments and overwhelmingly the public does not believe that the congresswoman had no idea that there was a conflict of interest here. >> so, that's todd gillman,
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washington bureau chief of "the dallas morning news," who broke this story in the first place. and that's the congresswoman's explanation, that she simply didn't know that, a, this was completely unethical and, b, it was against the rules of the scholarship. you don't even have to see the rules of the congressional black caucus foundation to know this is inappropriate, right? everybody knows if you're in a position of public authority and public trust, you don't give money to your relatives that's meant to go to kids who are deserving of scholarships. we checked anyway and kids are eligible for these congressional black caucus foundation scholarships with a 2.5 grade point average, letters of recommendation and write an essay and a student in the district of the member of the congressional black caucus and can't be a relative of anyone affiliated with the cbc. it's clearly stated and the kids all signed these scholarship applications, promising they, in fact, were not related to anyone connected to the congressional black caucus or the foundation. the congressional black caucus
1:14 am
foundation gives out $10,000 to every member of the congressional black caucus to give out every year to these scholarships. for years now she gets $10,000 every year to give out. not only did the congresswoman violate the congressional black caucus foundation rule about awarding her own relatives but according to "the dallas morning news," none of the kids, grandkids, kids of her staffer, lived in her district. so in that respect they weren't even eligible. we tried to find out how anyone could be unclear or confused by what seems to be clear-cut rules. i spoke to her earlier. >> they'ves for thanks for joining us. you said you didn't know the rules for this scholarship and didn't know you couldn't give the money to your grandson and other relatives of yours and the member of your staff. how is that possible that you didn't know not only was this against the rules of the scholarship but simply unethical? >> well, let me just say this. i was not aware of the rules. the rules have been very
1:15 am
ambiguous. there were rules that come out last year, but, you know, i have acknowledged i made a mistake. i've tried to make everything whole. i have paid all the money out of my personal funds and i'm ready to move on. >> you say the rules were ambiguous prior to last year and that you didn't know what the rules were. we found the 2008 scholarship application and on it, it says, quote, employees and/or relatives of cbc members, cbc spouses, cbc foundation, board of directors are ineligible for the scholarship program. we also went back and found the 2006 guidelines from four years ago and it says the exact same thing, employees and/or relatives of cbc members, cbc directors are not eligible for the program. that seems not ambiguous. >> i didn't realize they were even -- as i indicated. i have no reason not to tell the truth. i did not know they were in
1:16 am
print. >> clearly members of your staff knew those were printed in the rules. when your grandsons and grandnephews and the family members of your staff who got this money for several years in a row, every time they sent in an application, they had to promise that they weren't a relative of you or anyone connected with the cbc. so, people on your staff -- >> i admit i made a mistake. i did not realize that. >> no, no, but the point is that people on your staff knew the rules. so, are you -- have you looked into who on your staff knew the rules? >> anderson, i've acknowledged that i was negligent. i've acknowledged that i made a mistake. when it was called to my attention, i tried to correct it. i know you want to make a scandal out of this, but i can't help you. all i can do is tell you the truth. >> well, i think you've done enough in terms of making it a scandal. i'm trying to figure out how it happened. you say you take responsibility. i'm asking specifically who on your staff reviewed these applications? whoever did that, for several years, saw that these kids were
1:17 am
promising that they weren't your relatives. what? >> my chief of staff had the responsibility. i can't tell you who always did, because to be quite honest with you, i work pretty hard. we have a lot to do and it really has not gotten all of my attention, i regret to say. it's a minor part of what we do on a daily basis. and i indicated to you i was negligent, i made a mistake. i've tried to right it. and that's all i can do. >> because it does seem to strain credibility to say that you as a public official didn't understand that it just ethically, whether or not you read the rules, that ethically there would be a problem with giving money to your grandsons for several years when there are other kids out there who could have gotten that money. >> other kids? >> who weren't -- by the way, your grandkids weren't even living in your district or going to school in your district. >> why do you want me to answer that? >> my question is, as a public
1:18 am
official, how can you not know that's not ethically right? >> say what? >> as a public official, who has been in congress for a long time, how do you know that that is not ethically right? whether or not you read the rules -- >> years and years, talking about the last three or four years. >> i'm talking about five years that you've been doing this, that we know about. >> well, the only thing i can tell you is what i've said. and i'll keep repeating it. i've made a mistake. >> but you never understood or never heard ethically, there might be a problem with -- >> i did not hear it. >> no member of your staff -- >> i didn't think about it that much because, you know, i'm trying to make sure it doesn't -- i know it won't happen again. i'm initiating a new committee in place. i'm the last one that they send these things to. usually they go right to my chief of staff. i have not dwelled on trying to figure out a way to give my grandchildren $1,000 a year. i have not done that. i have a lot of things to do.
1:19 am
i'm not saying that i didn't do right by not dwelling on it, but this is just one scholarship out of hundreds of scholarships that are offered to kids that i steer them to within my district. >> did you or any member of your staff tell your grandsons, your grandnephews or the children of the other member of your staff to lie on the forms? >> no. i have had no conversation about lying on anything. >> so, they just lied on their own? did they just lie on their own or were they coached by members of your staff? >> i don't consider them having lied. >> they said they weren't your relatives. that's part of the application process. >> well, you've seen more than i have, anderson. >> you haven't looked into this at all? >> i don't have the forms, the records. the records are missing from my office. >> the records are missing from your office? >> yes. we've looked for them.
1:20 am
they're not there. and -- >> but the congressional black caucus foundation -- >> trying to correct the mistake. >> congressional black caucus foundation told us -- we had them on the other night -- that, yes, each of your relatives said they were not your relative on the form. they signed off that everything was true on the application. >> i'm sorry that happened. i'm not even aware of it. and i know that my grandkids didn't do this intentionally. i don't even know if they've seen the form because i hadn't seen the forms until this year. >> well, they signed the forms. >> i assure you that i have repaid all of the money. i'm not blaming anybody but myself. i'm taking full responsibility. and i'm going to move forward. >> representative johnson, i appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> let us know what you think about that. you can join the live chat at right now. coming up next, a debate debacle. have you seen this? arizona's governor, a strange meltdown on tv.
1:21 am
>> we have done everything that we could possibly do. we have -- did what was right for arizona. >> there was some other interesting behaviors. the video of the fallout ahead. we'll talk to james carville ahead about it. new oil rig on fire in the gulf. survivors res kai cued from the platform. and also bp, turns out the amount they spent on commercials and self-promotion since the spill -- i won't give you the actual figures just yet. we thought it was $50 million earlier this summer. it's a lot more than that. en la] suitcase? huh? ♪ where do gummy bears hide? under the seat. look! yeah! ♪
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in a moment, the latest on hurricane earl, taking a swipe at north carolina tonight. chad myers will join us again in a few minutes. first, following some other stories, joined again by isha sesay, for the "360 news and bulletin." a military judge has barred consideration of president obama's birth record in the court marshal of an army officer who refused to deploy to afghanistan. lieutenant colonel lakin claims the orders are not valid since he believes the president's birthplace is in question. the judge called it irrelevant.
1:25 am
cnn and others have confirmed mr. obama was born in hawaii. maryland police recovered two starter pistols, but no handguns at the discovery channel headquarters where three people were held hostage yesterday. they also found four explosive devices. james lee stormed the building and held police at bay for four hours. he was killed by police. the hostages were not harmed. wall street rallies for a second day, the dow gaining 50 points. but tomorrow the government releases the jobs report for august. it's expected to show job losses, but not as bad as july. remember the distourbing video of a 2-year-old smoking cigarettes? >> oh, yes. >> remember this? his parents said he was addicted. indonesian officials say the child entered a rehab program and has managed to kick the habit. reportedly this kid was smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day,
1:26 am
anderson. >> it's incredibly creepy video. i recommend people not watch that video. i recommend they watch the double rainbow guy video. have you seen that one on youtube? >> no, i haven't. >> check it out. >> double rainbow guy, youtube. very funny. >> i'll check back. up next, echoes of a bp disaster, another well catches fire. safety issues with the company that owns it. late word on bp, which it puts first, the people of the gulf or its corporate image, how much they are spending on commercials, james carville joins us. and jan brewer rocked to fame on the immigration issue nationally, the talk of the country about how she's dodging questions about how illegal immigrants are beheading people in the arizona desert and about her strange performance in a debate last night. we'll talk about both, eric erickson and james carville. >> it's great to be here with larry, barry, and terry, and thank you all for watching us tonight. i have done so much and i just
1:27 am
cannot believe that we have changed everything since i have become your governor in the last 600 days. [ male announcer ] progress. progress is saving tax payers millions of dollars, with the help of visa digital currency. which lets troy reiners, manager of nebraska's child support payment center, put money into pre-paid visa accounts for just a penny... instead of mailing out checks for 59 cents each. now that's progress. visa. currency of progress. host: coulswinto geico did the little piggy cry wre on wee all the wahome? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee.
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and hello, everyone.
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i'm karen mcginnis at the hurricane headquarters for cnn. we're looking at the latest regarding hurricane earl. earl is still a category 2. and it is moving its way right along the coast of north carolina. still offshore, it has not made landfall, but the hurricane center will be updating the latest information and we'll give that to you the top of the hour. we'll be here all during the overnight hours at the top and bottom of every hour. we'll be seeing that in the next 30 minutes or so. as soon as we see that information we'll be bringing it to you. the latest information on earl is that already we've seen tropical storm force winds in the outer banks of north carolina. and there was an offduty national weather service person who said that there were reports of right around hurricane intensity winds. around diamond shohls just off the coast of cape lookout, they did see swells of about 12 feet. rainfall amounts between 2 and 5
1:31 am
inches generally. it's making its way to the north and northeast, and that's actually a good thing, because as this pulls away, that means that new england perhaps will not be quite as affected as we had initially thought with some of the earlier computer models. it's looking a little ragged on the enhanced satellite imagery, but nonetheless, a very powerful system. as i mentioned right now, a category 2, most likely will continue its category 2 intensity, but it is encountering some much cooler water. also as it interacts with the land mass, these ragged outer banks will become more ragged looking as it makes its way toward the north and northeast. by friday evening, maybe a category 1. perhaps we're looking at this losing some energy even more quickly than that. as i mentioned it's moving toward the north/northeast at about 18 miles an hour. already, some reports of an overwash along highway 12, which is where that national seashore
1:32 am
goes on those outer banks region. as we go in toward saturday, we're expecting this to make its way toward the canadian maritimes. as i mentioned, top and bottom of every hour, keep it here on cnn. "ac 360" continues right now. first of all, thank god no one was killed in this thing. very thankful for that. and i think honestly, i think mr. riley and senator graham, that their commission is going to have to look into this and we've got to get to the bottom. because this industry is obviously insufficiently regulated and i don't know the facts of this, so i'm going to wait until they come in, but you know, something obviously happened on this rig that wasn't supposed to happen. and we've got to find out as quickly as we can. and let's see where it is. but this is not good for people like myself, who have argued that the moratorium should be lifted. this does not help our situation, nor does it help the
1:33 am
economy of my neighbors here in south louisiana. >> earlier this summer, we had been led to understand that bp was going to be spending $50 million on its ad campaign, make it right. everybody has seen ads on television, in newspapers, but now today we've learned that bp actually spent $93 million in advertising after this spill, three times as much as they spent last year. does that shock you? >> not only does it shock me, but the distrust of bp is running at a very high level down here. they're dissing the local leaders, they're canceling meetings, they're acting in a strange and arrogant kind of way. i don't know -- i mean, 93 million that they spent, no one believes it. everyone thinks they're going to get out of here the moment that they can. and that's just a fact. you know, when you talk to people in leadership here, the level of distrust that bp is at
1:34 am
an all-time high. i would have thought they would have tried to do a better job of reaching out to people. boy, they haven't. >> especially at a time when so many are complaining that they haven't received payments from bp in a timely manor and all of that, obviously, shifted over to ken feinberg and all of that has to be resolved. >> right. and added to the message that everybody seems to be getting is they're saying, look, we've already done this and we're going to move on to the next thing. and there's going to be a long time before people here feel like they'll be able to move on. and it's a shame. it really is. the level of distrust down here to bp is very, very high. the $93 million, they better put the $93 million into helping people as opposed to these ads. >> james carville, thanks. appreciate it. up next, actually, james will be back in a little bit. key topics debates in the arizona governor election.
1:35 am
especially governor brewer's claims that headless bodies were found along the border in the desert. when pressed by reporters, this was her response. >> >> why wouldn't you recant the comment you made earlier about the beheadings in the desert? >> seriously, that's a serious question, governor. >> well, this was an interesting evening tonight. >> and that's not all she didn't say. there was another awkward moment as well. raw politics ahead. earl is inching closer to north carolina, the latest with chad myers.
1:36 am
1:37 am
1:38 am
as we all know, an election season can produce pretty strange moments on the election trail. jan brewer, incumbent republican is running for re-election. she made national headlines by signing a very tough immigration bill into law. last night she faced her opposition in a televised debate. when it was governor brewer's turn to deliver her opening statement in the debate, it got very awkward very quickly. listen. >> great to be here with larry, barry and terry. thank you all for watching us tonight. i have, uh, done so much and i just cannot believe that we have changed everything since i have become your governor in the last 600 days. arizona has been brought back from its abyss. we have cut the budget. we have balanced the budget and we are moving forward. we have done everything that we
1:39 am
could possibly do. we have -- did what was right for arizona. i will tell you that i really did the very best that anyone could do and we have pushed back hard against the federal government. we have filed suit against obama health cares and we have passed senate bill 1070 and we will continue to do what's right for arizona. i ask for your vote. thank you. >> well, after her long pause, governor brewer today told a phoenix radio station it was, quote, the longest 16 seconds of my life. her chief opponent, democratic candidate terry goddard repeatedly called on the governor to retract a statement she made in june where she said that arizona police have found headless bodies in the desert, illegal immigrants who have been beheaded, claiming increased violence along the border with mexico. she never certified the
1:40 am
statement. according to numerous personnel no headless bodies have been found in the desert. not only did the governor not retract her statement, she refused to answer her challenger and refused to talk about it with reporters immediately after the debate. watch. >> governor brewer, why wouldn't you recant the comment you made earlier about the beheadings in the desert? >> that's a serious question, governor. >> well, this was an interesting evening tonight. >> governor, please answer the question. what about the headless bodies? why won't you recant that? do you still believe that? come on, governor. >> okay, thank you. >> governor, why do you make -- >> doesn't get much more raw politics than that. cnn political contributor james carville along with eric erickson and editor in chief of james, we've all seen a lot of brain freezes in debates. that was painful. i've seen it numerous times. very incredible to watch.
1:41 am
>> what she said was true, it was an interesting night, in addition to being the first debate where all of the panel had last names ended in "y," larry, barry and kerry, whatever it was. she has to come up with an explanation, medication thing or maybe she hadn't been sleeping, but that -- i've seen a lot of meltdowns in debate. that's about as bad as i've seen. >> i think she was hung up on larry, terry and barry. >> yeah, the names of the people. but i don't mean to be -- i can't believe that that woman is normally that clueless. >> everybody in tv has had bad moments where they're searching for something or the mind goes blank. >> right. >> i don't know. i've had a few, i'm sure. >> go ahead, james. >> i was going to say that we have to remember as well, this woman was never intended to be governor. she became governor because janet napolitano got appointed by the president to homeland security.
1:42 am
a lot of people in arizona never rallied around her and used sb-1070, the immigration law, to get herself into this re-election position when, in fact, behind the scenes she opposed the law and didn't really want to sign it. chickens are coming home to roost, to a degree with her. i have to be honest, this is the first time i've seen the whole clip out of sympathetic embarrassment, i didn't want to sit through it. >> as a former campaign manager, even though i'm not pulling for her, you kind of feel sorry for her. >> you really do. >> whoever did debate prep, they -- one point i want to say, sure, everybody has frosted up. i've gotten questions from you or other people, you're trying to think. but that was the opening statement. it wasn't like she was asked a question about a state budget and she was trying to think of a meeting she was in. just like you practice this thing, i don't know, 20, 25 times before you go out. >> it's like asking ted kennedy in 1980 why he was running for president and just couldn't really come up with an answer at the time. that's kind of the basic
1:43 am
questions and answer session. i was really surprised -- first i thought it was a joke when i got it in an e-mail but then to go on with the beheading question and stand her ground and ignore the press, she has to deal with these issues and release a statement, say what was up, whether she was distracted, nervous or what have you. and deal with the headless body issue. >> is this -- clearly, it's all over the web. it's certainly being used by, certainly, a lot of liberal groups, hammering her, who don't like her for her stance on immigration. is this just a blip or, james, do you think this could have a serious problem for her? >> a pretty good year for republicans. we're going to see just how good it is. if this woman wins, it's going to have to be a very good year. i think the democrats will go after her. i made the point earlier on john king's show, she's the commander in chief of the national guard, if there's a prison riot or outbreak of a health issue, something like that.
1:44 am
she's in -- not just if you don't like the issues but she's in a executive responsibility here. and i don't know how good i would feel to think if she got the phone ring at 3:00 in the morning. >> you know, somewhere right now there's a campaign consultant saying praise jesus this happened three days before labor day weekend. >> you're right. they can recover. they're going to have to -- eric is right. they'll have to answer this. she can do a sarah palin and call all the media impotent and limp, which has got to be my favorite thing. >> james carville and eric erickson, thanks. >> thank you. on the path of hurricane earl and its strength, we'll talk to chad myers in a moment and check in with rob marciano in north carolina, starting to feel the impact of the storm. dr. sanjay gupta with 360 dispatch from pakistan and something he didn't expect to find in the middle of the devastation. some hope. inspiring story, next. we speak value. and people like what we're saying.
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in a moment at the end of the show, something to make you laugh before you go to bed, the double rainbow guy. also, the latest on hurricane earl, the new report on the strength of it, where it's heading. right now, reports 360 dispatch, half a world away, the horror of pakistan's floods continues to mount, more than 1,600 people dead, millions affected and entire communities gone. that's the reality for pakistan's hundreds of thousands of people now living in makeshift camps, refugees from the disaster, internally displaced people. through all their suffering, there are signs of hope, though. 360 dispatch with sanjay gupta in pakistan. >> reporter: here in pakistan, there are fields of dreams. they look like this, mixed with pain and poverty. but spend some time here and look closer. this is something maybe you wouldn't expect to see. we're in this tent and all the kids in this particular tent are
1:49 am
doing their homework. this girl is 8 years old. she's trying to do her schoolwork, she's telling me. she tells me she wants to be a doctor. people here have dreams, just like all the other kids that are here with her. they had a real house once, they tell me. it's now covered in water. she had her friend. she went to school and, yes, she had dreams. it's her story. it may not be much different than yours, starting with the neighborhoods they were forced to leave. looking at all the images, you may think that people affected by this flood lived in grass huts. that's not true. all these people had to leave also. she ended up here. no idea how long she will stay, she does her homework.
1:50 am
her parents' mission, establish some sort of normalcy for her kids. a routine rooted in religion. you're looking at aid being distributed here, rice, chickpeas. they put that in big buckets and distribute it to all the tents. what may surprise you a little bit, they wait until the sun goes down. it is ramadan. even in a camp like this, they make sure to abide by those rules, no food in between. when i share reports about floodwaters starting to recede, they are surprised because just this week another million people in southern pakistan became displaced. fleeing waters on the rise. she knows some english and wanted to try that out with me as well. so, what is your name? >> my name is -- >> you're answering for her. what is your name?
1:51 am
>> my name is ramshel. >> reporter: very good. nothing can change this reality, more than a dozen deaths this week here. that's the thing about hopes and dreams. they are spread equally throughout the world and no one can take them away from you. she said she really likes to go to school and she's studying really hard to be a doctor. do you think you can do it? >> i don't know. >> reporter: you can do it. dr. sanjay gupta. hurricane earl, category 2 storm moving closer, north carolina. expected to reach new england by tomorrow night. chad myers joins us now with the latest. chad? >> we've been watching this turn, finally, anderson. about ten days late, but it
1:52 am
finally did make its turn. it's going to head on out toward the northeast and miss all of north carolina. now, we're still going to have wind and waves and probably some battering sand removing, winds and waves pounding the surf. other than that, other than the rain, it is now down to 105-mile-per-hour storm, 105, gusting to 125. something else the hurricane center did for the people of new england. they actually turned the storm a little bit off to the right, just a little bit to the east of where it was. >> that's great. >> now there it gets all the way into nantucket through the cape. cape cod is still in the cone, but farther on the left side of the cone than it was. and they also say in their discussion if this continues to move off to the right, to the east like it's been, tomorrow they may actually adjust this cone a little bit farther to the east, more away from new england. i know there's a lot of people in north carolina worried about the outer banks, but percentage wise, there's an awful lot more
1:53 am
people living in new england than in the outer banks area and this is a big sigh of relief for a large segment of the population, including all of long island, connecticut, rhode island and massachusetts, where this was in the forecast cone for a long time. >> chad, what would you advise folks who are thinking about for the labor day weekend going up to cape cod or going up to massachusetts or long island or something? >> still wouldn't recommend that, because you are still in tropical storm warning, tropical storm watches all the way through cape cod. don't get on nantucket for sure. it's one ferry on, one ferry off. if you're going to vacation somewhere from atlantic city southward, by the time you get there for sunday, saturday, sunday, monday, this will be completely over anyway. to the north, still a little touch and go. south of here, you're in good shape. >> chad, let's check in at kill devil hills to see how conditions are there. rob marciano is there. looking a lot more windy than it was a few minutes ago. >> reporter: it has, anderson,
1:54 am
picked up quite a bit, rain bands are coming in. they'll actually bring down the winds from the upper levels. as that core moves a little closer to us, winds will be picking up all night. it will be a long night here in north carolina even though the center has jogged a little east. that is great, great news. nobody will sleep well here, i can tell you that, until the center of this storm is past us to the north and all the wind and rain will be past as well. it will get out of here in a hurry but wind and rain will pound roads here. we've seen overwash on highways. some people will be stranded come tomorrow morning and hopefully, this will be cooking out to sea before too long. back to you. >> rob, appreciate it. it will be a long night probably for rob. stay safe. isha sesay joins us with the "360 bulletin." mideast peace talks in washington, israeli and palestinian leaders agreeing, well, to talk some more. they'll hold regular meetings
1:55 am
starting on the 14th of this month and continuing every two weeks thereafter to try to reach a peace deal. army spokesman says there's no sign of any pending action against retired general stanley mccrystal. a review of the general's comments in "time" magazine was reviewed. the sheriff's department was saying suspected illegal drugs were found during a traffic stop on rapper t.i. and his wife. a hot ride but not this hot. dangerously hot, ferrari is recalling all the 458 cars it made this year after reports of a number of luxury cars, anderson, catching fire or simultaneously combusting. giving new meaning to grease lightning, if you ask me. >> ah. isha, we decided to make room
1:56 am
because i mentioned earlier this video, double rainbow guy, a must see. he is actually making a commercial. but first here is the original double rainbow guy. >> double rainbow, oh, my god. it's a double rainbow all the way. whoa, whoa, whoa! whoa! oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! whoo! oh, wow! >> it goes on and on. >> yeah! >> he actually starts weeping later on. >> he's making me weep. it's so ridiculous. >> well now he's actually -- people say online he's sold out, cashed in, whatever. he has made a commercial for some product. do we have a copy of the commercial at all? >> i haven't seen it. do we have it? >> wow, look at that.
1:57 am
oh, double rainbow all the way across the sky. whoa! whew. >> there you go. >> how do you shoot a double rainbow? >> i like the original double rainbow. >> i do, too. >> he starts weeping. if you haven't seen it, check it out on double rainbow guy. there's a million imitations and remixes of it and a lot of people have fun with it. check all that out. i'm glad that i could inform you of something so important as double rainbow guy. >> i feel enriched now, anderson, by you. >> it's so vivid. >> it's whoa. >> yeah. isha, have a good night. >> you, too. >> we'll have more ahead at the >> we'll have more ahead at the top of the hour.ium for bone he. centrum ultra women's. so why are over a thousand people a day switching to chevrolet?
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